Feel Good Frenzy

Feel Good Frenzy

IT’S BAAACCCKKK and bigger than ever!

The Peggy @ 99-1 Feel Good Frenzy is back and ready to make Winnipeggers feel good! Write a description of what makes you feel good and the Peggy @ 99-1 crew could be making a surprise visit to give you exactly what you asked for!

Is it a shopping spree? A spa day with your bestie? Or maybe tickets to the hottest shows in town? Whatever it is, let us know and we could be on our way to you!

(Hint: The more unique the answer, the better)

How it works:
Each weekday*, one eligible entrant will be randomly selected and their name will be announced on air at 8:10 am during Feel Good Mornings with Samantha Stevens. You’ll then have 9 minutes to call us back at (204)-837-3449 to claim your prize.

* For full rules and regulations, CLICK HERE