True North Youth Foundation Project 11 Summit

Peggy@991 is proud to partner with True North Youth Foundation’s Project 11 Summit on May 7th!

Project 11 is a program created to support mental health awareness for students from an early age and aims to help them develop the understanding that they can positively influence their own mental wellness by learning skills and adopting healthy coping strategies into their lives. Project 11 continues to evolve and grow as it provides classroom-ready programming at no cost to Manitoba teachers. In partnership with teachers, Project 11 is delivered in the classroom and now connects thousands of kids in Manitoba and beyond with a positive mental health curriculum.

The P11 Summit takes place on May 7th, and is an extension of Project 11’s classroom curriculum,” said Suzi Friesen, Director of Educational Programming with TNYF. “It’s an opportunity to bring the conversation about mental wellness outside of the classroom, discuss it together as a community, share coping strategies, positivity, and empathy, and celebrate how students have grown to better understand and manage their emotions and stresses through Project 11’s lesson plans.”

Project 11 students and teachers will be excited to watch Project 11’s 4th annual summit in the comfort of their own classroom on May 7th (National Child & Youth Mental Health Day) and as a gift to the broader community, families will receive access to this year’s Project 11 Summit on May 21st!

To help to bring some positivity, healthy coping strategies and mental wellness practices to Manitoba youth and families during the difficult time of the ongoing pandemic, Project 11 will be sharing their 4th annual Mental Wellness Summit to the entire community. This virtual Summit will provide families the opportunity to hear from special guests including Fred Penner, Darcy Oake, Faouzia, Don Amero, Big Daddy Tazz, Desiree Scott and your favourite Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose players, as they share their experiences and the strategies that contribute to their own mental strength. Three age-tailored segments for early, middle and senior years students will be available May 21 at

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