Habitat For Humanity’s Coldest Night Of The Year

Peggy@99-1 is proud to support Habitat For Humanity Manitoba’s Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser on February 20th.

How would you like to start the new year on the right foot and enjoy brisk, and socially responsible virtual walk to benefit Habitat for Humanity?  On February 20, 2021, Habitat for Humanity Manitoba will kick off the year with a brand-new fundraising event that all of our Chapters are invited to participate in.

In partnership with the Blue Sea Foundation, we will be hosting The Coldest Night of the Year, which is a Covid-safe, family-friendly, virtual walk to raise money for Habitat for Humanity Manitoba and related Chapters.  Funds raised by each Chapter will be directed to their respective region, minus the percentage of fundraising that the Blue Sea Foundation charges for event execution, which is variable based on funds raised.

Here is a quick introduction to the theme of the event:

The Habitat for Humanity landing page has been set up for Coldest Night of the Year and you are more than welcome to sign up, build your own team and start fundraising. To do so, visit: https://cnoy.org/location/winnipeg

On that page you will see all of the details about the event and all of the tools you will need to promote the event. Feel free to explore the site and then click on the “register to walk + fundraise button” to get signed up. From there please set up your FundHub account and build your own team page if you’d like.

Once set up, you will be able to invite their friends, family, business associates and loyal donors to participate.